I found this Divest-OS project for android

As you can see from above I saw it shared on the f-droid forums and it seems quite interesting.
Not everybody has a pixel device to run grapheneOS on and this ROM seems to aim for a wider range of supported devices.
It’s a fork of lineageOS with loads of addons and customizations.
I am in no way related to his / her work.
I thought it might be helpful to point out this project exists and perhaps it could be listed?
I haven’t tested it yet. I plan to try it out on my oneplus6.

Some more links.

I was quited hyped when I found it first. Now less so.
Not that I don’t think the people behind this people did no meaningful work.
However compared to grapheneOS (which I get is another ballgame) still the quality and development capability of the team seams not as competent as for me to trust this as a daily driver.

Other then that I am glad people are continuosly pushing fore more and more open OS and hardware for mobile phones.