How to watch Youtube safely?

I want to watch Youtube safely in QubesOS environment. I know I will use the service of, but I don’t know what is the best way to do it. I have used on the web, but it was very slow. If you value privacy, you should use the onion domain with Tor, but it’s too slow. I want to watch videos as fast as Youtube. What is the best? Which is better to install as per github procedure or FreeTube installation? Also, there are two onion domains. How are they different? (The onion domain is unencrypted but secure?)

IMO, watching YT via tor/onion domain is overkill. I would personally just use Freetube without a proxy. If you’re using a VPN, google shouldn’t be able to know who you are when you watch FreeTube.

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While not a lot of instances exist, you can try on of the possible closest instances of Invidious available.

Not overkill.

I don’t have a Google account and use a VPN.

I now see the recommendations for my roommate who uses the same VPN endpoint.
All videos she watched are on my startpage of youtube.

**** Google

You could always create a VM for Youtube watching…