How to use uBlock Origin, uMatrix?

I want to set uBlock and uMatrix in more detail, but I do not know how to use it. Specifically, you can see ordinary sites as usual (I do not want to work for detailed permission every time I visit the site), I want to block advertising and tracking Google, YouTube, Facebook, Amazon, Reddit, It is a service of First of all, I would like to register the site in the summary section of this video with my rules at uBlock “”. I would like to do tracking and preventing services on uMatrix. Where should I block images, frames etc. and which sites should I block?

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Maybe you would be interested in the wikis of those two extensions:

I haven’t used µBlock lately, but my notes for µMatrix are:

If you don’t want to set permissions on a per-site basis, I would recommend using UBO with the default filters (including ads, privacy, annoyances and multipurpose). In my experience these filters catch 99% of all the stuff you don’t need (including trackers).

For cookies, I would disable 3rd party cookies in your browser.

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+1 Mikaela reference to gorhill’s wikis for the extensions, it really is all there if not providing good search terms for more info on specifically what you want to do and how to best get it done…

as an internet use punishment (aka self-flagellant) I normally run uBlock in Hard mode and uMatrix Hard 3rd party mode (see the differences explained simple here).

From there i use dynamic filtering, in uBlock, i.e. local (that website only) “noop” rule to access the site of interest (or global allow that particular filter/permission for all websites).

If uMatrix is also still blocking, which it will be until recipes/rules are created (and saved!) I add further permissive rules that get added to a base of recipes (rulesets) sorted and imported for permanent use.

Also linked in the wiki page is a couple other uMatrix recipe pages to consider: &

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One of the nice things about uMatrix & al. is there is almost as much good help for them around as for a full-fledged piece of software.