How to use Tor Browser while logged in with Firefox account?

I want to use the standard Firefox features even when I close the Browser, using Tor Browser’s anonymity and security. Specifically:
Even if I close Browser, I’m not logged out of my Firefox account.
Even if I close Browser, all the top sites I edited on the home screen remain.
Even if I close Browser, I will not log out until Bitwarden added to the add-on remains.
What should I do?
Also, if I add the add-ons I added to Tor Browser, Torbutton, Tor launcher, Noscript, uBlock Origin to standard Firefox, will it be anonymity equivalent to TorBrowser? (Of course, all settings should not leave a history)
Also, is Tor too slow?

No, because the Tor Project adds additional hardening. Use the Tor Browser for anonymity, and any other web browser for other purposes. Don’t start to mix things.

Nowadays, it is sufficient to watch 4k videos. However, this isn’t Tor’s purpose.