How to use Searx in Bromite?

Question: I want searx as my default search engine in Bromite. But it won’t show up, no matter how many times I visit. Other sites, search engines or otherwise, do, but no searx. Is there a way to manually add it?

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Nobody, really? You guys advise a search engine and a browser (searx and Bromite) but nobody knows how to integrate searx into Bromite?

I personally don’t use Bromite, but you also need to remember we’re all volunteers and have regular jobs.

We, and that goes for everyone on here, loves to offer advice when they can. However, if someone can’t, you can certainly reach out to the Bromite community and ask them as well.


Hi, this suggests that adding searx is not possible at the moment. convo

Adding the searx page as a bookmark is not ideal, but may be the only workaround.

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Yeah, I searched for them but couldn’t find a Bromite community. Didn’t mean to be impatient, but found it strange such an simple question couldn’t be answered. We are getting a bit light on the privacy search engine department. Qwant sucks and ddg isn’t that great either. Searx has too many flaws too, with Google added it doesn’t work and without Google almost all the resuIts come from ddg. I preferred startpage.