How to use PGP with GPG/Kleopatra?

How can I use them? Its quite messy to know which key is public and which is private. Im really lost can someone who use it to help me to identify them?

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If u open the key archive with a text editor such as kate, doesnt the public key begin with:


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thats a lot of caracteres lol, are you sure thats it? why the PGP in some profiles such as @jonah is not so long, and whats fingerprint there together with the public key?

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Yes, that is it, and that is what you should give someone if they ask for your key. The shorter string of text like in my profile is called the fingerprint. Mine is 9BD822880E2784EE5C929CD6DB49BB255B868219, and that could be shortened even further to DB49BB255B868219 (but you lose some security doing that).

The fingerprint is not incredibly helpful on its own, but you can use it to search for keys on keyservers, for example by searching at, where you would find my full key that starts with ========BEGIN PUBLIC PGP KEY BLOCK=======.


I couldnt have said it better! Btw @giral what do u want to use PGP for? I find it pretty difficult tbh, if its mail, Proton greatly simplifies the process, and if it is encrypting data, Veracrypt works really good

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so if u dont shorten the fingerprint itll be not traceable? and how did u shortened?
and how is it used the public key to encrypt the things even im without the Kleopatra(which software generated my PGP) or is not possible? and the private key, when i click “export private key” then export my fingerprint lol, where’s it?
(also thanks a lot for helping me)

thanks for helping me. Im wanting to use PGP in everything that I can, switching my virtual lifestyle as secure as possible (i already knew that could be incovenient to do that, but ill lost nothing just giving a try for some time and see if i adapt)

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Shortened fingerprints are still “traceable”, however, there is the risk that your shortened version isn’t unique anymore. Hence, it is a good practice to always use the full fingerprint nowadays (see

The Key ID is part of the fingerprint:

  • Full fingerprint: F8CE AD90 8841 1EBE 722C 347A 3179 E817 703F 5D25
  • Key ID: F8CE AD90 8841 1EBE 722C 347A 3179 E817 703F 5D25
  • Some tools even only use F8CE AD90 8841 1EBE 722C 347A 3179 E817 703F 5D25

So the key ID is just “the last part” of the fingerprint.

Other people need your public key to send you encrypted messages, and you need your private key to decrypt these encrypted messages. Never give your private key to anyone. Your private key must be kept secret. It is like a password.

See also What's PGP/OpenPGP/GPG?, and Any way to encrypt a text.

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Helpful links!

And @giral, I dont want to discourage you from messing around, that is super cool! But remember, this is all optional, and everything you do to have more privacy is good by itself, you dont have to use the best of the best to be protected. Im saying this cause some people get “privacy fatigue”, or tiredness from subjecting themselves to too high privacy standards.

As Ive said, I dont judge you, PGP is a pretty good solution, but it can be pretty inconvenient and, in case you give up, there are intermediate solutions other than going back to gmail :stuck_out_tongue: