How to use mobile internet without a phone?

What a the best options to use mobile internet without using phone?
Any device? I know that ISP would know my location, but not using phone would at least prevent Google and other companies to track the location.

If you used somebody else’s (borrowed their connection cough cough) how would the ISP know your location? Explain?

The ISP will know your IP address. If you have location services off, are in airplaine mode and are running a custom ROM on your phone like Lineage or Mokee, how would they know your location?

Without a mobile device such as phone, tablet or laptop it is not possible to use the internet.

In some countries like Germany there is Freifunk, a mesh network that you can connect to obtain internet access. You can also start your own private mesh and connect to it.

I’m pretty sure that Google and friends would continue to track your activities, they just wouldn’t know that the particular device you’re using belongs to you. At least for a while: if you maintain your regular online habits (visiting the same websites, signing with same username/email/password combinations, etc) you will become more unique. Eventually the ‘new’ profile would match with your current one close enough to connect the dots.