How to use Mac anonymously?

I use a Mac, but I want to use it anonymously. Specifically, I want to make sure that there is no history of used applications, inserted USB, SD card, copy and paste, etc. What settings and operations do you use to clear the history?

There is as far as I know no way to do this, and I would bet it’s impossible to do this reliably and comprehensively.

You should look into stateless operating systems that are purpose built for that task, like TAILS.

Edit: I just remembered some software I’ve seen deployed in educational/enterprise environments to restore a snapshot on every boot: Deep Freeze. I can’t necessarily give this a review but at $70 this is probably the closest to what you’re looking for. I’m not sure if it works on Mojave however.

I wouldn’t use that for privacy, its best reserved for places like schools. Then again, if there ever is a problem with a computer, imaging the PC is the best method. I don’t find deep freeze to be that good, when you can use FOG, using the PXE method of imaging.

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That was just a recommendation to meet his specific requirements.

Honestly, I don’t think what you’re trying to accomplish will add much anonymity @pinp, you’re better off using full disk encryption or not using a Mac.

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Deep Freeze as mentioned above is a good choice. But again, depends on what you do. In my case, I have two laptops. One is for regular use, and the other is for crypto. I use “old” laptops that are great for recycling for a few hundred bucks and when I’m done I throw them out/recycle for parts. My point being, you should figure out what you need and the risks for it