How to use Ghacks' user.js?

Yesterday I’ve got my new machine with Debian on it,so I wanted to start things right by using Ghacks user.js file for Firefox, but I can’t understand exactly where I’m supposed to move the file.
Could someone help me out?

Yup i have same problem so im gotta stay here watching the solution :dark_sunglasses: :popcorn:

You need to put the user.js file in your Firefox profile directory. If you don’t know where it is, launch Firefox and go to the about:profiles page.

After moving the user.js file to your Firefox profile directory, relaunch Firefox to apply the settings.

More info here.

Sorry for the off-topic but if I understood that right you machien it came with Debian pre-installed? Where did you get that and how was the experience? I’ve seen many vendors online but I’ve always been a bit skeptical about it… not sure why to be honest :smiley:

I have read that part, but it does not specify which folder, because when I go to about:profiles there are two options “root directory” and “local directory”, also I was confused since there are a lot of other files on the Github repository, so I thought maybe I have to move more than just the user.js file.

Oh, sorry if I didn’t make myself clear. I didn’t buy it with Debian pre-installed, I gave my computer to a friend and they did for me.
Today I fucked up, I think I installed some Gnome thing from Ubuntu on Debian and now I can’t accesc the GUI, I have asked for help on /r/debian, /r/linux4noobs and /r/techsupport but no one answered so I’ll try doing my first OS installation ever. Wish me luck.

Oh, I see. Sounds a bit too complicated for my skill level to help… best of luck!

If you have more than one profile in your about:profiles, look closely: under one of the profiles it should say: “This is the profile in use and it cannot be deleted”. So, this is how you know which profile you are using and, therefore, where to put the user.js file.

Having identified your profile, you need to put the user.js file in the Root Directory of that profile.

You only need the user.js file. To avoid confusion, just go to the Releases page and download the source files of the latest release.

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Thanks, I already know which profile to choose and which I’m using, but clarification works anyway. I’ll be doing this when I fix my machine.

By the way, there’s also a good review of privacy and security related Firefox extensions on the ghacks user.js wiki, which is worth checking out — you might find it useful.

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I already use quite a bit of extensions. I have uBlock Origin, uMatrix, Cookie AutoDelete, HTTPS Everywhere, Temporary Containers, Privacy Badger, Decentraleyes, Multi Account containers, Trace and two more not related to privacy.

I’ve read this on the github wiki, do you think that with the ghacks user.js I don’t need C AD?

Cookie extensions

  • :exclamation: APIs do not exist to allow clearing IndexedDB, Service Workers cache, appCache, or cache by host. Clearing cookies & localStorage on their own, and leaving orphaned persistent data is a false sense of privacy
  • Use FPI (First Party Isolation) and/or Temporary Containers

Do you think that I should use Neat URL or ClearURLS to remove trackers from links? And what about Skip Redirect?
And I didn’t really understand what True Sight ( and Smart Referer ( do.

Sure, but it has nothing to do with using ghacks user.js. Check out this article about the Temporary Containers addon; in the end of the article there’s a section about Cookie Autodelete (and some other privacy tools made redundant if you use Temporary Containers).

The main difference between them is that ClearURLs uses a remote rules file, whereas Neat URL allows you to define your own local rules in the extension settings. So, choose whichever you are comfortable with. Also, ClearURLs is somehow recommended by Mozilla.

Personally, I don’t use it. Such tricky redirects are usually found on social networks, which I don’t use.

True Sight just informs you whenever a website you are visiting is served to you by a CDN.

HTTP referers allow web sites to track the web pages you came from. Ghacks user.js already has sane defaults for controlling referers. If you try to harden them, you will likely run into problems on many websites, which need referers to work. Now, the Smart Referer extension allows you to control referers by whitelisting/blacklisting source/destination web sites.

I would also recommend using the ETag Stoppa extension to prevent tracking with ETags. Read the extension description on AMO and also, this section on ghacks user.js wiki and check out the testing links it provides.

Also, if you use uBlock Origin and uMatrix, you probably don’t need Privacy Badger. You can test it for a while to see if it has any effect in the presence of the former two.