How to use Firefoxx profiles

people already suggusted before as an alternatives for using several websites?
but how do i make it??!!

i tried to look it up and found nothing usefull?!

is that an addon?
a settings?

how do i use it?

your question obviously confusing bro

Firefox’s Multi-Account Containers is the way to go. Its not perfect but it is functional. Just set a website to open in a particular colored tab and it isolates itself from the rest of your other tabs.

Type about:profiles up at the address bar to manage your profiles. You can have multiple profiles opened at the same time, and each of them with a complete different set of add-ons, themes and settings.

This approach would be an extra step of compartmentalization when compared to Firefox Multi-Account Containers, which I recommend using anyway.

I recommend using separate themes to visually separate them at a glance, if you are using more than one at the same time for different activities.


Type about:profilesin your URL then just Create new profile and you will see new profile added to the page so open it and it will open new firefox windows and it will be like first time you opened firefox so just customize it as you wish and you are done or customize one then copy files to other profiles and take this maybe helps you:

What I generally do is running firefox with the --ProfileManager flag (can be added to shortcut in Windows shortcut properties) and uncheck the “use this profile on startup” so whenever I open Firefox I can choose whether to use an existing profile or if I wish to create a new one.

If you generally always have Firefox open already, then the about:profiles route is more practical.