How to use BlahDNS with DNSCrypt?

I want QubesOS to install DNS in the environment to increase security and privacy.
Judging from this site, I would like to use a tool called DNSCrypt, use Network wide DNS servers called Pi-hole, and use a Provider called BlahDNS. Here is the question, I want to select BlahDNS by doing “curl -sSL | bash” with a command, but it is not in the Provider list. Even if you press Custom, you will be asked to enter four numbers, but I do not know what to enter. (Example: What should I enter here? I would like to set DNS for Firefox after that, how can I set it?
Which is better, Pi-hole or NoTracking?

When you go to the site you can choose the information you need from their resolvers

I hope that is beneficial to you. Reading the DnsCrypt wiki has been helpful to me.