How to use Amazon, YouTube, Facebook safely?

I want to use Amazon, YouTube, Facebook safely for security and privacy. How can I use it? Please tell me especially about the following things.

1Browser to use. Firefox with add-ons. Tor browser, Tor browser with add-ons. Which one should I use? (The add-ons mentioned here are listed in

2Should I use VPN? Should we use Tor and VPN together?

3Should I use DNS? Should I use Cloudflare?

4Should I use it while logged in? Should I be logged out as much as possible?

5 Is there anything else to do?

Can probably use a PO box or something similar for Amazon mail address

  1. if you want to browse anonymously, use Tor browser, browse with casual privacy against advertisers, use firefox with a vpn.

2.depends a bit on what types of devices you use, if you use an Iphone, yes, if you use Android, use Orbot. And DO NOT combine a VPN with Tor.

  1. if you use Tor or a good VPN, they will do the DNS reuests for you. you can however still set a privacy friendly DNS server from the opennic project incase anything slips through.

  2. When you use Tor browser, every domain and tab is isolated and is loaded over its own circuit, it is safe to login to fFcebook in one tab, and do anonymous browsing in the other.

  3. Depends on what you want, regarding Amazon btw, here are some tips:
    As above mentioned, use a PO box to recieve your packages.
    Register your account over either Tor or a VPN, and use a throwaway email service to make your account.
    Pay with Amazon gift cards you paid for with cash in a normal store.



  1. Never install any native Facebook apps including WhatsApp and Messenger, all have serious privacy violations.
  2. Access via Tor at https://www.facebookcorewwwi.onion
  3. Consider deleting and making a new account. This will rid you of old content and contacts, and give you a chance to jettison unwanted contacts.
  4. Provide minimal information, false if possible. Do not provide your phone number or address.
  5. Investigate marketing, privacy and security settings. Do not believe that these make you safe.
  6. Remove metadata ( from any photos you upload and censor your face.
  7. Never like or publicly post anything.
  8. Request that your friends and family do not tag you or upload your photograph.
  9. Always reply to messages via another platform ( and if you must post content, post it elsewhere and link to it (


  1. Delete your account (and sort out google privacy settings and delete stored data while you are at it
  2. Use, maybe over tor at https://www.kgg2m7yk5aybusll.onion
  3. If not on tor, and


  1. Minimal info. Make a new account if possible.
  2. No native apps.
  3. You may struggle to use Tor unless you enjoy captcha, no harm in using a VPN (one of these but you may face the same issue. I access through hardened Firefox with containers (
  4. Absolutely do not use Alexa, Kindle, FireTV etc. All of these are privacy nightmares.
  5. Investigate marketing, privacy and security settings. Don’t trust that these do much.
  6. Use a single payment source, ideally a private card or vouchers bought with cash.
  7. Getting deliveries without giving your address is hard. May not be worthwhile.
  8. Consider delivering to a pseudonym, keep it unique to Amazon as a security check.
  9. Try to buy elsewhere. You can often get a better price buying directly from the product website, or by finding a local stockist, this lessens Amazons monopoly and almost certainly puts more of you money with the manufacturer.

I have some questions,
Does it mean that everything from Amazon to purchase should be done at TorBrosew? Does it mean that you should pay with an Amazon gift card instead of a credit card? Why is Amazon’s email address useless with my important email address?
If you do not combine Tor and VPN, for example, you would like to set all networks via Tor in case of Android. In this case, should Orbot be launched in all VPNs except Torbrowser?

You should indeed use Tor browser. You use a new throw away email so stuff cannot be linked back to your real identity. yYu should indeed pay with a gift card, since they cannot easily trace this money trail back to you IF you paid for it with cash.

understood. Also, I have QubesOS in the environment. If I use such a famous service, should I create a dedicated VM for it and use it exclusively for that service? If so, what is the setup of VMs such as templates? Because, from the incident of unauthorized data use of Facebook.

Nah, a dispvm would be more appropriate, makes sure everything is gone when you close the vm.

What is dispvm? Please follow the instructions for creating a secure TorBrowser VM.

Is Orbot better than Tor Browser for Android? When I initially started using that, it didn’t work, but it seems like they patched up some of the holes.

You can run a dispvm (a throw away vm) with the included by default Whonix vm’s .

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Tor browser for Android uses its own Tor connection, you can use Orbot to route other apps thru Tor, or host a onion service.

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What is the difference between disp and whonix VMs? How to create an anonymous VM dedicated to Tor browser via Tor and a local secure VM that does not connect to the Internet.

Wow…that’s a lot of work but sounds like it would be worth it!

Are there any apps that can be used on iOS? Please see each application and see on the web browser.