How to setup the CanvasBlocker addon?

It is writted to set:
privacy.resistFingerprinting = true
however, in CanvasBlocker addon description it is writted that it will not work if this is set on true (the hash on Panopticlick will not change).
My question: should I leave privacy.resistFingerprinting on false and use CanvasBlocker? If yes, should I additionally use something else to to cover false value (additional addons)? What excatly gives setting this value to true?

Also, I’ve redarticle:

to sum it up it states that one should change canvas fingerprint, but not within one session, but between sessions.
Which add-ons allow for such action?

Actually, if says

setting privacy.resistFingerprinting to true is fine

right on CanvasBlocker’s Readme on GitHub.


I’ve dug it a bit, and it seems that, indeed, CanvasBlocker doesn’t randomize the canvas fingerprint if privacy.resistFingerprinting is enabled. However, this is intended: privacy.resistFingerprinting is a master switch that, when enabled, lets your browser’s fingerprint blend in with all the users’ browsers which also have it enabled.

On the other hand, apart from Canvas API, CanvasBlocker also protects your browser’s Audio API, DOMRect API and some other APIs, which can be used for fingerprinting.

CanvasBlocker has the “Random number generator” option for setting different schemes of faking:

  • none (completely white);
  • non-persistent (new fingerprint on every readout);
  • constant (new fingerprint for every web page);
  • persistent (new fingerprint for every domain).