How to remove Metadate completely?

I want to erase photos, videos and metadata of PDF, Word, Excel files completely. How can I erase it? Which one of mat, mat2, pdf-redact-tools, pdfparanoia, or Scrambled Exif can be used for deletion?
Also, isn’t it possible to delete mat2 at a time instead of deleting them one by one?

I want to delete the metadata by using a command tool called mat2 to delete the metadata. However, I tried to delete it, but I couldn’t delete it because svg and bak file formats are not supported. So I want to safely convert it to png or jpeg or any other supported file format. What is the best way to do it? I think it’s safer to convert with commands, but how about it?

DuckduckGo gave me some good results when I searched for “linux convert image without metadata” :slight_smile: one result pointed to exiftool.

I wanted to use Mat2 on Whonix and installed everything listed in Requirements. However, if you delete it with mat2, an error will appear as follows. How can I solve it?
mat2 -L apple.jpeg
bwrap: setting up uid map: No such file or directory
ERROR: Something went wrong during the processing of apple.jpeg: Command ‘[’/usr/bin/bwrap’, ‘–ro-bind’, ‘/usr’, ‘/usr’, ‘–ro-bind’, ‘/lib’, ‘/lib’, ‘–ro-bind’, ‘/lib64’, ‘/lib64’, ‘–ro-bind’, ‘/bin’, ‘/bin’, ‘–ro-bind’, ‘/sbin’, ‘/sbin’, ‘–ro-bind’, ‘/home/user/Documents’, ‘/home/user/Documents’, ‘–ro-bind’, ‘/etc/’, ‘/etc/’, ‘–dev’, ‘/dev’, ‘–chdir’, ‘/home/user/Documents’, ‘–unshare-all’, ‘–new-session’, ‘–bind’, ‘/tmp/tmpbm97y7zd’, ‘/home/user/Documents’, ‘–ro-bind’, ‘/home/user/Documents/apple.jpeg’, ‘/home/user/Documents/apple.jpeg’, ‘/usr/bin/exiftool’, ‘-all=’, ‘-adobe=’, ‘-exif:all=’, ‘-Time:All=’, ‘-quiet’, ‘-CommonIFD0=’, ‘-o’, ‘apple.cleaned.jpeg’, ‘apple.jpeg’]’ returned non-zero exit status 1.

I suggest the exiftool forum.