How to receive SMS anonymously?

I want to use a service that requires a phone number (SMS) called Signal on my smartphone. However, I do not want to reveal my phone number. So I want a kind of app that can duplicate phone numbers like TextPlus! ! All you need is that it’s open source, and if possible it can be used anonymously. Please tell me some good apps and software! Also, one more question, is the SMS received by the phone number duplicated with an application like TextPlus visible from TextPlus side? If so, is there a way to prevent it?

Signal is not SMS. If you receive an SMS message to that number, TextPlus can definitely see it. If you receive a Signal message to that number, TextPlus would have no idea.

If you don’t want to share your phone number you should forego Signal entirely and try using Wire.


Signal is private and secure, not anonymous since you are connecting with people by sharing your number. If you still don’t want to use your telecom operator number with Signal, maybe use a virtual number paid by crypto. or smsprivacy (clearnet: ; Tor: http://smspriv6fynj23u6.onion) may work for you. I don’t know about these services though, maybe others do.

No, I just don’t want the ability to talk to people just because they need a phone number to use Signal. I want something that only authenticates Signal for the first time. Also, I do not want to use it because Wire collects metadata.

I don’t understand what you’re asking. Also Signal collects metadata as well, Wire is very comparable.

This is possible with in the US and Canada, although I read they were hoping to expand to Europe eventually. You can pay with Bitcoin, only ever access it through Tor, and have in exchange a completely anonymous number with SMS and MMS. Developer is a great guy and the source for the server stuff is available. It’s essentially a Google Voice replacement. If you only need to confirm short code SMS, a lot of SIP providers will work. Vitelity, Anveo, and all support this, I believe.