How to protect yourself from security cameras in airbnb's

How can one protect themselves from WiFi cameras in airbnbs or cameras in general?

Are there any products one can buy?

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there is some tools that can kill the signals but it’s illegal and like you need to be near from the camera already so as people say, wear a hat and sunglasses and avoid like LOOKING in the cameras

A hate and sunglasss for a Airbnb doesn’t seem so convenient

Something you can try : open the camera app on your phone and film the room, usually those hidden camera have an IR sensor to have night vision and when you film an infrared led with a camera it shines white (you can try if you have a normal TV remote near you : film the front of it while you press a button on it and you’ll see your phone’s camera sees the IR led but your eyes don’t). So, basically, while filming the room if in your phone preview you see a shiny white dot somewhere and can’t see it with your naked eyes then you want to check that area.

Also check for wifi names : if you see a wifi named “cam” something then chances are it’s the hidden camera wifi (because sometimes they create their own network to connect a computer to it to watch it)… or maybe it’s just a real camera the owner really has on the front door, not hidden. But if you see only 1 camera on the front door and 10 different wifi with “cam” something maybe you want to investigate more on that.

Also an other advice : browse Amazon for “hidden cameras” that will show you what they look like so next time you go to an AirBnB thing you may be able to right away spot an alarm clock or a phone charger etc. you’ve seen before on Amazon and then know they have an hidden camera inside them.

Last advice : just don’t use Airbnb. I know it’s cheap etc. but if your concern is “I want to be sure the person renting this thing is not spying on me” then maybe using airbnb to start with is not the best option. Are hotels better ? They’ll be less worse regarding spying risks for sure.


well i dont know what is Airbnb :joy: i was just guessing (yes im egyptian thanks so we dont have that Airbnb)

Excellent advice from @vizslander.
Turning the lights off before using your phone camera may also help if the IR lights only activate in the dark.

And if you find a camera AND you know that it’s illegal to put camera in a rented room like that, contacting the authorities is one option… If one Airbnb host gets convicted for using an illegal camera, it may deter others from doing the same.

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