How to protect my privacy on WHOIS and Domain Big Data?

I owned a few websites. I registered my domain name/website name with Namecheap, so I got free WHOIS privacy for one year. The problem is, after both my domain name and WHOIS privacy expired, my personal information, including my address, email, name, and phone number will be exposed and stored in websites like Domain Big Data. Even worse, my information can be found for free on Google, that is when I Googled my email or phone number, I can see my identity was stored on websites like domainbigdatadotcom and websiteinformerdotcom.

Since then, I am careful with WHOIS information and avoid using my primary email as WHOIS contact. I also avoid using my real phone number and use a PO Box address as the address on WHOIS. Any more suggestions that you can add?

Maybe you could use njalla for domain registration. I think it’s the easiest way, if you trust them


njalla as @crossroads said, because they buy the domain by their name and there are some domain providers offer that “protection” but for more money but again njalla seems good option (or as always use fake data because fuck them thats why)

You could also pay them in bitcoins if you can source them anonymously.

FYI, WhoisGuard in NameCheap are always free.