How to prevent keystroke dynamics with Mozilla Firefox?

Is google search/youtube search use keystrokes analysis? Is it possible to know at all?

Are there any Keystrokes addons on Mozilla which not slow entering too much.

Assume that if you are using Google Chrome or Google search, everything you type is being recorded. That may sound a little paranoid, however Google make their money off you, the product, so they will try to analyse all the data they can. Search terms, absolutely, however keystroke dynamics, extremely doubtful.

Keystroke dynamics is the process of analyzing the way a user types at a terminal by monitoring the keyboard inputs thousands of times per second, and attempts to identify them based on habitual rhythm patterns in the way they type.

Well. Google already knows everything about you if you have a Google account.

Additional Info
After posting I was searching the topic and found this patent by Google, so to answer your questions, yes, Google is working on keystroke dynamics.

Keystroke dynamics authentication techniques

No one can tell because it’s closed source at the end but i assume yes, google collect every part of data to build profile on you