How to make google account anonimously now?

As it topic. It must be done without a real phone number.
Any ideas?

I know about the fake phone numbers in the net, but it seems they were used already (unless sb know some updated list).
Omg, I just want to comment some vids on yt, why it is so hard nowadays.

it’s hard to do but i remember there is subreddit called /r/phoneverification but be aware of scam people!

also next time specify what you want, because your title says you want to create and use google anonymously (or at least i saw it like this) so i would say you can use tutanota in tor and then create google in tor too and never use it in personal related stuff or outside tor but as i said it’s hard

  1. Acquire an anonymous prepaid SIM phone account.
  2. Go to an open library (might be hard in these COVID times) or maybe a hotel.
  3. Register for a new Google account and put the prepaid account for your cellphone.
  4. Back at home, and behind a VPN, login and change password.
    Recommended: Activate 2FA with something like andOTP, Strongbox, KeepassXC, etc.

“Anonymous” as in “Google won’t learn about my identity” is quite impossible, especially if you log in to YouTube and comment on videos.

I fully agree with this statement.