How to maintain privacy while gaming & watching movies

Hello everyone, so I’m more than proud to say that I’m Google free, I deleted my gmail account and everything related to Google. I switched to Linux Manjaro with open source drivers and encrypted hard drive. I moved to ProtonMail.

But my main problem is how to play games like Minecraft that will soon require Microsoft account and if you don’t migrate your accout will be deleted. Is there a way to do all that but with privacy? I know that many of you will say dual boot but sadly I’m not fan of Windows 10 at all and neither a fan of dual boot‚. So should a virtual machine help or something?

Also should I use VPN… Sorry guys if this is dumb question, but any help would be greatly appreciated.

Also how to watch movies but without netflix or something? Not comfortable with using credit card, any alternatives? (Also sorry if this sounds like I condone piracy, but I really don’t just looking for help).

Thanks to everyone in advance!

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Buying BluRays/DVDs with cash/ credit card is probably the best way forward. Otherwise you have to find it in the seven seas with an eyepatch if you catch my drift. You can stream them with the use of Emby/Jellyfin or maybe Plex.

There is a Java version of Minecraft which I suspect is the version you are using. Unfortunately you are out of luck if you dont want to use the Win10 version of it. The most popular alternative seems to be Minetest, which is free and open source software. Its likely to be crap at the moment but it can only get better with time.

Alternatively, Terraria is a very good 2D alternative and is runnable via Steam. Steam collects data as well but does not have interest in the advertising industry.

I agree with @hauntsanctuary that blueray/dvds are about the only option. For music you can buy mp3s relatively anonymously, but movies cannot be bought digitally in a legal way. If you want them digitally, you could rip your movies with Make MKV and encode them with Handbrake. Not officially legal, but since you already own them… You might find it acceptable to get a download on the seven seas if you already own the disk. That saves a lot of time.

Regarding playing games, it’s quite impossible to go without Windows for triple-A titles. I have no hands-on experience, but I think Wine and virtual Linux machines are quite limited. I have a separate machine for playing games without a Windows account, so the amount of data Microsoft acquire is limited. I think the only way of playing games that require accounts (Microsoft, Steam, Ubisoft, etc.) is pirating them. For the ones that are available, Good Old Games offers DRM-free games.

Regarding a VPN, that is used to protect yourself from your ISP. Essential if you go torrenting, but for your privacy with the Big Tech not useful.

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I play games sometimes :slight_smile:

I find in cases where you trust a VPN account somewhere more than a gaming company, that your ping will usually only be around 75ms higher with a free VPN account, which still often quite playable:)

Linux Compatibility
There is always and you can check for compatibility or install scripts for Linux and you might find the work is already done for you :slight_smile: I never played MineCraft though.

If you NEED Windows for something, then I personally keep a copy of Windows7 handy for a VM instance or even installing it on a separate hard drive or partition. With all of the MS bloatware removed it takes up only around 500-700MB of RAM :smiley:

If your PC came with a MS OS pre-installed that is not Windows10 - then you may be able to recover it with the original MS product key off of the recovery partition :slight_smile:

I have personally downgraded a Windows10 instance down to Windows7 and if your careful then the install will just likely put your old Windows copy into a “Windows.old” folder on your drive.

One thing to keep in mind though - you may need to reinstall hardware drivers manually as Windows7 compatibility is actually not as good as Linux hardware compatibility in 2021 lulz. I for example can run SLACKWARE out of the box with automatically-detected WiFi drivers and video card drivers heheheheeee. SLACKWARE - yes. Not the case with Windows7 lul.
Oh ; C:\Windows.old\System32\drivers* , C:\Windows.old\System32\etc* :smiley:

Ah… slackware… what a trip to memory lane… They have a beta for their upcoming version 15?

hmm i didn’t see anything about future or beta releases :frowning: i usually find that ppl on the net that run slackware are super friendly and helpful ppl for some reason :smiley:

it would be lovely if the slackware guy could find someone to maybe maintain a built-in package manager that resolves dependencies instead of… i never tried slapt-get so idk if it resolves dependencies or not ><

i think they have a matrix channel too :smiley: it might be “unofficial” but its just as good as if it wasnt i found iirc ehhe

i like how the slack websites says:
Checking System Requirements
You need to make sure your computer meets the minimum requirements for running Linux.

so then you check out the minimum requirements and it says:
486 processor
64MB RAM (1GB+ suggested)
About 5GB+ of hard disk space for a full install

If someone showed me a PC that just barely meets the min. requirements I’d be like “Wow…” hehehehehe. i guess its possible some1 could be maxed on HD space

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Its because they are the nice old people of the old internet before the days of Eternal September of 1993.

The issue with the Java version of Minecraft is that Mojang is migrating users accounts to forcefully need a Microsoft account connected to it by 2021. If you don’t use a Microsoft account, then you can’t play Minecraft even if you want to play the older versions of the game.

You can run Minecraft Java on Linux. But the solution I can give is create a Microsoft Account for just the purpose of connecting your Minecraft account. And if an email is needed just create a Protonmail account for just your Microsoft account. That is what I do for many of my accounts online.

I just wish I had the time to set up a private email server for me and live my life creating aliases for me and my family