How to keep going with TOR ? " Access Denied "

As discussed in this first topic : [Requesting Help] Battle against Fingerprinting - How to get good results on fingerprinting tests with commons browsers?
I have used TOR as a solution but then i’ve encountered Acces Denied problem on many websites.


Suricat, SNORT and all those NIDS are causing trouble.

I’ve try to use other bridges without succes…

Is there any other solutions ? If we can’t use TOR, what do we do ? You’re a lot to say that it is the safest way to preserve anonymity there. So i hope that you have solutions when you face that problem.

Please let me know,

You can try to VPN into their service.

Also, thats a terrible company as an example. Game devs have said that if you will purchase from G2A, might as well pirate the game. Because if you buy from them, it actually hurts studios more than piracy. But thats besides the point.

It’s more a general request than a request for G2A. But thanks for your answer. My point was to ask in general, because, as said before, private VPN doesn’t protect your anonymity, most of those services are still logging everything, especially for those who have their siege in 14 eyes countries.

Also what to think about this ?

At 14:15 he speak about exit nodes and sniffing @a553d43c-f7fa-483a-8 any opinion if you are still around pal ?

Could it be a good alternative to rent a server from a BVI cloud hosting service interprise and use algo ?

Thanks for your answers

This isn’t really the case. The issue is with buying/selling is you have a financial trail. That’s what is going to deanonymize you.

In most cases a VPN provides anonymity, what generally happens though with sustained abuse originating from a particular VPN provider’s network, is that they find they must investigate. So while they may be truthful in their “not logging”, if they think that the sustained data coming from their network is going to result in a contract termination with the datacenter where their server is, they will then do something about it.

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Thanks for pointing that out.
Can’t be that black and white with VPN’s as some security enthusiasts claim they are.
(however I get the arguments made, many valid).

As for not leaving a paper trail.
This of course is crucial.
Also if your VPN provider only accepts paypal and runs google analytics on it’s site. Well thats a RED flag.

I like mullvad. They allow for the most anonymous ways to pay for your sub I’ve seen so far.
Along with cryptostorm.
However cryptostorm, kind of assumes that everybody has certain IT prowess or at least know how, that makes actually working with their service after paying a bit of a hassle at least to me.