How to get Kinja to delete your account

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A while ago I kindly asked the folks at kinja (the commenting section of the gizmodo sites) for an export of my user data, suffice it to say they were not accommodating. They also flat out refuse to delete my account or anonymize my posts, so I guess it’s time to play hardball. From what I understand they will suspend your account if you post offensive material (guess what my plan is :)).

I would like to know if anyone else has tried this. Do they delete all your comments or do you they just suspend your account and leave your comment history as is, but without the ability to login?

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Honestly, if I recall correctly, they are known for having shady business practices.

Even if your account is suspended the data is still there.

Is it possible to edit your comments? That what I would do.

They would still have the revision in old databases but at least people won’t see it anymore.

Or sue them.

Sadly no. They offer no functionality to edit anything. It’s pretty disgusting is you ask me. The least they can do is offer some functionality to anonymize your account. The worst thing is, they don’t offer non Oauth login, so you always have to have either Facebook, Google or Twitter linked to your account.

I already lodged a complaint with my local DPA, have to see how that pans out. According to Kinja’s support, because they are a US focused site they don’t have to adhere to GDPR. For now all I can do is change my username and profile pic to something nonsensical.

It’s stupid contradictions such as this one that are infuriating with the fascist-management mentality. Hoist them with their own petard.

any updates @alrayyes ?

Not yet. I’ve lodged a complaint with my local GDPR Data Protection Authority. I’m not holding my breath but given the choice I’d rather have Kinja actually delete my data rather than just flag my account. If this doesn’t pan out then the nuclear option is a last resort. Or maybe see if more people are interested in doing the same thing. If 10.000 people posted the same offensive thing at the same time that would make a real statement and maybe gain some traction in the news.