How to get bitcoin

Ok, first of all. i have no idea how bitcoins work how to get them and all that jazz.

So i need bitcoins. Where can i buy them safely without being scammed?
Also i have read some articles here about the bitcoins as well… Like you can wash it and all?
I want to make the bitcoins anonymous.
If i pay with bitcoins, i dont wanna leave any trails at all.

Can someone show me some guides about this all?

Thank you.

That’s not how Bitcoin works. Everything you do on Bitcoin is recorded on a ledger for everybody else to see. The only thing that is potentially anonymous is a wallet, but how you get bitcoin into that wallet is the problem. If you fund a wallet via (let’s say) Coinbase, where you electronically buy Bitcoin with some fiat – or any other site which is in a country that enforces KYC (Know Your Customer) laws – then you transfer bitcoin out of your Coinbase wallet to your hypothetically “anonymous” wallet, there will be a record of that transaction for everybody to see. Your anonymous wallet is now permanently linked to your personally-identifying wallet.

Only people who know what they are doing (understanding the whole software stack down to the operating system and network) can pull off any actual anonymity in Bitcoin. And you’re not going to learn that quickly on a web forum somewhere, so either strap in for a year or more before you attempt it, or just give up on that idea right now.

And that’s assuming you haven’t yet concluded that cryptocurrencies are just a ponzi scheme that kills the climate…

Techlore made a good video about this topic, (i think it was this video xD)