How to download videos from YouTube?

I use notube.

I already use Invidious and their instances, but as of a new update the download option has been disabled to avoid Goolag shutting down the server, what I need is to download specific stuff which are only there. I’ll try to use youtube-dl, but I would also prefer a more user friendly option, I’m trying to gather software for a project.

I’ll check alltomp3, thanks.
I know there are shitty websites filled with ads, spam, etc that let you do it, but I would like some FLOSS stuff.

This looks really nice, I see a Kopimi logo at the bottom but I don’t see what can I do without the back-end code, which seems to be closed source…

I recommend youtube-dl. It is used via the Terminal.
Here is a tutorial on how to use it: I think you use Linux? So it will be easy to install.


i mean yeah youtube-dl and alltomp3 (created on top of youtube-dl if i remember correct) are your best bet! (another option go to yt itself and copy vid link then download it from there direct or with/inside VLC) so yeah there is a lot of options

youtube-dl is a really cool program. It does’nt take long to learn to use.


DownloadHelper - Video download browser extension

I’m not aware of any privacy concern with the extension for Firefox –

More generally, you might find that not all types of YouTube video can be downloaded.

It doesn’t seem to be FLOSS, though.

FLOSS wasn’t requested; no mention of FLOSS or open source at, or

Also FLOSS != more secure.
It’s better to work with OSS, but it’s not guarantee of security.

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We generally like to say the floss is not a guarantee, but a requirement.

That said being opensource is not a requirement to be listed on privacytools, as long as there is not secure and usable open source alternative.



Please: if not in the FAQ, is there a point of reference elsewhere?

For future readers to not misunderstand the scope of PTIO.


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I personally use the Youtube Video & Audio Downloader extension on Firefox. It’s relatively easy to download YT video/audio.

It seems to be open source (MPL):

I think that would be

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I tried it and it downloads the audio and video files separately, so I’ll try to find a better solution, thanks, though.


  • Open Source / Free Software is preferred but not required.


PS PrivacyToolsIO | PTIO | PrivacyTools | /r/privacytoolsIO stances on closed source

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IIRC Video DownloadHelper (above) premium can perform the required conversion in most such cases. The cost is not exorbitant.

Nobody likes Clipgrab? It’s on the Fedora repo and available as an appimage elsewhere. “…Later, the software was rewritten using C++ and the Qt framework and published under the terms of the GPL v3.”

you list also closed source software?
Is there a huge warning for this?