How to download videos from YouTube?

Title, basically. I would like to know of some kind of software or website which I can use to download videos that also respects my privacy.


Try for web browsers. For Android (via F-Droid) there is Skytube and NewPipe (which I personally use). If you know or like to know command line, there is the more powerful youtube-dl.

Also try to support alternatives such as LBRY instead of using Youtube.

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  • Try (as hauntsanctuary said but main website closed download option rightnow so use this instead)
  • Use alltomp3 app (its open source on github)
  • Just search on it there is millions online sites to download
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I use notube.

I already use Invidious and their instances, but as of a new update the download option has been disabled to avoid Goolag shutting down the server, what I need is to download specific stuff which are only there. I’ll try to use youtube-dl, but I would also prefer a more user friendly option, I’m trying to gather software for a project.

I’ll check alltomp3, thanks.
I know there are shitty websites filled with ads, spam, etc that let you do it, but I would like some FLOSS stuff.

This looks really nice, I see a Kopimi logo at the bottom but I don’t see what can I do without the back-end code, which seems to be closed source…

I recommend youtube-dl. It is used via the Terminal.
Here is a tutorial on how to use it: I think you use Linux? So it will be easy to install.


i mean yeah youtube-dl and alltomp3 (created on top of youtube-dl if i remember correct) are your best bet! (another option go to yt itself and copy vid link then download it from there direct or with/inside VLC) so yeah there is a lot of options

youtube-dl is a really cool program. It does’nt take long to learn to use.


DownloadHelper - Video download browser extension

I’m not aware of any privacy concern with the extension for Firefox –

More generally, you might find that not all types of YouTube video can be downloaded.

It doesn’t seem to be FLOSS, though.

FLOSS wasn’t requested; no mention of FLOSS or open source at, or

Also FLOSS != more secure.
It’s better to work with OSS, but it’s not guarantee of security.

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We generally like to say the floss is not a guarantee, but a requirement.

That said being opensource is not a requirement to be listed on privacytools, as long as there is not secure and usable open source alternative.



Please: if not in the FAQ, is there a point of reference elsewhere?

For future readers to not misunderstand the scope of PTIO.


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I personally use the Youtube Video & Audio Downloader extension on Firefox. It’s relatively easy to download YT video/audio.

It seems to be open source (MPL):

I think that would be

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I tried it and it downloads the audio and video files separately, so I’ll try to find a better solution, thanks, though.


  • Open Source / Free Software is preferred but not required.


PS PrivacyToolsIO | PTIO | PrivacyTools | /r/privacytoolsIO stances on closed source

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IIRC Video DownloadHelper (above) premium can perform the required conversion in most such cases. The cost is not exorbitant.