How to delete account from the forum?

I have messaged to @jonah, like month ago, but still got no answer.
I think I saw a button somewhere in the settings, but I can not find it.


I thought it was in the preferences at bottom of account. I can’t see it either.


Try one of the other Privacy Tools Team here

One of the @moderators has to press buttons in the admin panel, yes.

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@blacklight447, @burunghantu, @danarel, @dawidpotocki, @dngray, @jonah, @nitrohorse, @Trai_Dep sorry for spam mention, but can I get help from any of you, people?

Thanks, in advance!

How about mailing them?


I’m finally an administrator now. I can anonymize the account, but I cannot delete it as it has more than 15 posts. Do you still want me to go ahead and do that?

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Yes, please go ahead! :slight_smile:

K done. should be anonymized now.

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