How to configure VM software regarding privacy?

Do you know good guideliness?

If I run e.g. Windows in VM, does the website knows I using VM?
Does VM protect me from scanning my true device parameters, showing graphics card power etc.?

What VM will not do?

nope, websites wont know you are in VM and it will use some of your real PC so it maybe show same as your GPU and CPU and about what it not do can you give me examples ?

I meant that e.g. VM cannot hide you IP (it’s obvious), cannot hide you CPU/GPU model (I don’t know about if yes/no, but from your response I guess it cannot?) etc.

What about Canvas? Am I safe in VM? What I mean is if Canvas of my hardward machine are different than my VM?

Can you hide your GPU/CPU somehow and make it look different in VM from normal one?

I also red about algoritms (JavaScript I guess) which load your CPU/GPU/other device of many data and collect fingerprint based on it. Am I safe in VM against this, since VM has different paramenters (lower than true machine)?

I’m afraid i can not help you about this (i never thought about VM in that way and i’m not sure how actually VM’s works so yeah)

but all i can say it take same parts as your normal pc but less than actual one like if you got 4GB ram your PC will get 2GB (or you can decide) so maybe it will prevent some of fingerprinting