How to block inapp trackers?

I applied all the necessary Firefox add-ons to block trackers/adds, etc.
Is there any way to do the same with android apps? If yes then is it possible to do this if you have Mullvad VPN always on?

when you say you “applied all the necessary Firefox add-ons to block trackers/adds, etc.”, i’m wondering if you have too much stuff installed? - the only add-on you need to block trackers/ads/malware/etc. is uBlock Origin and there is a sizable risk of breaking things if you install too many add-ons or install more than one that uses Content Security Policy (until Mozilla fixes the problem - IF they fix it)

regarding Android, first thing i would recommend looking at is Privacy Browser

then there’s all these things to look at - i use AdAway, but i think you need root for that 'cause it uses the hosts file as i recall

If your device is rooted install adwall and adaway.
On a nonrooted device you can use blokada or netguard.
Either way I suggest Steven Black’s host file along with GoodByeAds.

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Unfortunately it is not rooted. Perhaps I will do it later but I’m afraid that banking apps maybe wont work.

Can Netguard work together with a VPN? If understand correctly these DNS level ad blockers create a VPN tunnel, but on Android only one can run at the same time.

Besides Ublock I use also:

  • Facebook container

  • Privacy possum

  • HTTPS everywhere

  • Cookie autodelete

  • Decentralize

Try Blokada if you don’t have root. It works pretty well.

i dunno enough about that, but i read that’s a possibility - personally i wouldn’t be doing banking from a cell though - the baseband stuff is very scary i think

again i’m a bit ignorant in this dept., but i don’t think Netguard and the like have anything to do with a VPN - i think they use the same network setup that a VPN would use, which is why you can only run one, but they don’t connect to a VPN - the advantage i see with Netguard is that it avoids having to root, which is nice

about you’re add-ons…

Facebook: if you use it, you’re promoting a privacy-hating company not just for yourself, but for all of us - just sayin’ :slight_smile:

Privacy possum: dump it - not needed with uBlock and the right filters

HTTPS everywhere: i would suggest swapping that out for HTTPZ - i think the idea of relying on human created lists is just a bad, bloated idea that doesn’t account for every site - HTTPZ will always attempt an https connection and will fallback (with your permission) to http if necessary (and remember your choice if you like) - there is a caveat with HTTPZ i think - i don’t think it addresses 3rd party resources, so if you https to a site that pulls http content, HTTPZ won’t deal with the 3rd party stuff … i think - he may have done something with this by now, or not

Cookie autodelete: i’d suggest dumping it and using Site Bleacher instead - none of the other cleaners wipe indexedDB storage, plus there’s a couple other things SB does

Decentralize: great, but make sure to add the necessary rules to uBlock

for more, see Everything Firefox –

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6 options I can think off:

  1. host file blocking (root) > adwall
  2. non root blocking, through vpn/dns “loophole” > blokada
  3. blocking ads through router
  4. decompiling app and removing ads > luckypatcher etc.
  5. blocking internet access on per-app basis > afwall+.
  6. using the web version of the app with firefox mobile + ublock origin.

netguard requires a vpn connection, so its not possible to run another vpn at the same time. more on that in the here

afaik the only vpn provider that supports to run with the socks5 proxy is nordvpn and if i understand this correct the connection wont be encrypted. the other solution is to run netguard with tor

edit: i personally love netguard and have used it for a long time until recently when i started use mullvad vpn, so i had to change out netguard to afwall (which requires root).

yes, try pihole (if u have linux) or just download blockda app

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Probably the solution will be to root my phone, because I want inapp blocks too not just in Firefox

You can use Blokada without root, it blocks in-app trackers and ads throughout the entire OS, but you won’t be able to use a VPN at the same time.

I use Mullvad with SOCKS5 proxy.

@quantized I don’t know how that works exactly but do you use it with netguard? because this was an answer I read in netguard thread at XDA. so I don’t think it’ll work. I’ve even tried get it work but with no luck

You can do it with VPN services that are offering ONLY socks5, but Mullvad only offers socks5 INSIDE the VPN. I already tried to “push” Mullvad to offer this option some time ago, in order to use it with Netguard, but they refused. You can use other VPNs that offer this option like NordVPN for example (I think so).

Oh, I see. So, in this case it’s a pure proxy connection, rather than a VPN. That makes sense, since I was wondering how you would be able to use a VPN and Netguard at the same time. Now I get it, thanks.

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After rooting the phone both Mullvad and Adguard are just working perfectly together!

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