How to be anonymous?

How to be anonymous? Not just privacy. I am finding it really hard to be anonymous, I even heard tor is broken and it can reveal our location… So, how to be anonymous while doing something a bit illegal or anything? Using tor+vpn+tor protects us? Or we must some other model?

well, for messaging & filesharing encrypted P2P software are pretty nice, but because of their P2P nature they can also reveal your IP, so if you route your ecrypted P2P program’s traffic through a proxy, then you can tunnel it through tor to hide your ip: or

Mumble allows tor proxy btw, ya - no one needs discord to play games lulz, Retroshare has Tor built right in.

ummm in an example where you say, wanted to post something on a messageboard like a buddhist symbol which may be outlawed in a country like, germany… ya… VPN providers can see your stuff if you don’t route it through Tor first and at the same time, assuming there are no exploits in Tor - there is still the fact that Tor exit nodes can see your stuff :frowning: So no matter how you order the tor-vpn, vpn-tor, vpn-vpn-vpn lols, at least one node/server can see your stuff :frowning:

It’s kind of like russian roulette with exit nodes - you just have to hope lols… we need something better… oh, btw you can set which country your exit node should be in inside your torrc file.

I’m curious if anyone else has ideas about the HTTP/HTTPS surfing anonyminity . I have I2P but I honestly have not used it enough to really say. It’s only for I2P sites tho anyway. I like I2PChat tho :smiley:

oh, for email; GPG , but there is still metadata. XMPP + OMEMO encryption , routed through Tor is also something I use a lot

aaaaaand it won’t hide you IP but you can also do this:

vpnc , → VPN and/or Tor Node. I wouldn’t rely on VPN encryption if my life depended on it though :o You can also setup your own localhost VPN service as an .onion service

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Perhaps a simplistic reply : use Tails or Qubes OS?
Should cover off many aspects but perhaps not all

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The forum mods wont condone using this forum to provide pro-criminal tips. This forum is for law abiding discussion only, lest the whole thing be closed down.


This was recently published Tracking One Year of Malicious Tor Exit Relay Activities (Part II) | by nusenu | May, 2021 | Medium
And has some insightful details about tor relays and recent events.

@Cyberfish check out these links below, it may help to better understand things, it helped me in the past.

Futhermore, this wiki helped me understand a bit more about anonymity online.
Whonix ™ Documentation these sections below have some educational information:

  • Secure and Anonymous Browsing
  • Anonymous Chat, Email and Communications
  • Anonymous Filesharing, Money and Other Services
  • Anonymous Internet Connections and Hosting

I did hear from a recent Security Now podcast that about 25% of Tor exit nodes are operated by malicious entities according to the study you posted.

Thanks dude

I generally use Linux mint, so whonix gateway+Linux mint is good idea? Because I heard Tails is amnesic, so isn’t it a problem? I mean, I loose all my data right?

Sorry I didn’t know. I was just learning.

Thanks man…

There’s a this useful guide