How to avoid keystroke dynamics fingerprinting?

Keystroke fingerprint is basically use to detect which key was pressed before some other, if you deleted some letter before typing another and such, it can create a profile about how you write and your writing patterns and this is some piece of metadata which is collected.
I’ve read that a technique used to avoid this is to write in a .txt, copy and paste the text into the comment box. This is some good advice but basic text editors are horrible to write since you can’t set a limit for the borders and you have to move left and right to be able to read what you have wrote.

So I was wondering if anyone knows of a software where I can write inside a box and where the text fits inside the size of the window that I choose to use.

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Not exactly what you requested, but an alternative nonetheless :
Basically, Kloak add some time between each keystroke in order to lower the entropy and the likeness to have an unique keystroke fingerprint.
More explanations on the Whonix wiki :


I can recommend Ghostwriter. It’s a basic text editor meant to be distraction free and clean. It has markdown support as well which is great for taking notes, but in your case you can benefit from it since forums such as this one support it. That means you can preview how your post is going to look like even if you’re writing completely offline.

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Yes, I think that Tor stops that somehow, maybe I’m wrong, but not sure if using Kloak. I know that it prevents mouse biometrics, but still a far better solution is to write in a different software since there’s not way it can steal all that data. Thanks anyway for the interesting read on the Whonix wiki!

Thanks! I think this will work, it’s not something specifically designed for this and if it were maybe some improvements could be made but it looks awesome so far. I’ll try it out in a couple of days when I get back my machine.

vim is the one and only :slight_smile::+1:t4:

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