How Take Out GPS From My Android Phone?

Hi It’s My First Post Here xD,
So I Was Searching About A Way To Avoid Cell Phone Tracking (From Cell Towers) & I Just Wanted To Ask Is There A Way To Hide My Place From Cell Towers Like Turn On The Airplane Mode Or Close GPS In Anyway So Yeah

I think you are confusing two things here. Cell Towers know where they are, so they don’t need to access your GPS to know where you are.
If you turn on Airplane mode nobody should be able to track your location using cell towers anymore. Even better: Take out your SIM card.
If you turn off GPS, but you have G%§$e on your phone they will still track your location via GPS. They can always access it - same for Wifi.


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sadly, this is all related to the baseband proccessor in your phone, taking out the sim wont do anything for you. a SIM card is nothing else then an authentitcation to your provider, so he knows its you, and to who they should send the bill. for example, on can still call 911 even if the sim is taken out. to actully prevent celltower traffic, theres only a few things one can do:

  1. turn off the phone and take out the battery (it is shown that some phones keep the baseband active in a low power mode so it connects faster upon boot.)

  2. put it in a faraday sleeve/bag/cage, so all the signals are blocked.

  3. have a phone that allows you to cut the power to the baseband proccessors hardware, and example of these types of phones are the pinephone and the librem 5.


Silent pocket faraday wallets are good.

I like those to, and at least they look like a normal phone sleeve, unlike most Faraday sleeves that make you look like some kind of doomsday-prepper.

I got one of their old models very cheaply, it’s less nice than the ones you’re thinking of! Will upgrade one day.