How opt out from ADs cookies?

soo as my title say, i want to opt out but my problem is iam in Arabic country (not EU, so there is not GDPR) &i want to opt out from ADs but i can not because almost websites just support EU so if you have a website that have global support :smiley:

you’re English is not so good … but it is a lot better than my Arabic :smile:

it sounds like you want to block either advertisements or cookies or maybe both - in any case, take a look at uBlock Origin - you can block trackers, ads or both (and a lot more) - see the wiki here


i want to block to be in legal way to tell ADs companies that i want to opt out (ofc with other privacy addons like what u mentioned)

with Firefox (and possibly other web browsers as well) you can enable the privacy.donottrackheader.enabled preference (enter about:config in the address bar and search for it), but ad and tracking companies are not legally obligated to honor that (at least not in the U.S.) - in other words, it’s a largely useless option

again with Firefox, there are privacy and security options to block trackers and fingerprinters, but uBlock Origin is going to do a better job with the right filter lists enabled

there is no way that you can prevent ad companies from tracking you just by telling then you don’t want to be tracked - you have to block the tracking and while Firefox can do that, it cannot do it as good as uBlock

JavaScript is used heavily for fingerprinting and tracking and so the first line of defense should probably be to disable JavaScript globally, then allow it for only the websites where you really need it - you can do this with uBlock

does this answer your question?

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yup! :smiley: