How much the new social network WT:Social is secure

Wikileaks founder released a short time ago a social network rival of Facebook called WT:Social saying that they’ll be focused in privacy and respect the user data. But have a way of we know if they’re really engaged in this way respecting all the users?

I understand that WikiTribune is released by WikiMedia founder and not WikiLeaks founder. And the only thing I know of it so far is that it’s not federated, so you have to register on the same instance as everyone else and I think the admin has full control over you.

You mean Wikipedia’s founder?

Jimmy Wales founded Wikimedia Foundation, Inc. Wikimedia is the owner of Wikipedia and many other Wiki-something projects.

WikiTribune is obviously not connected to this:

Jimmy Wales, co-founder of Wikipedia, announced [WikiTribune] in April 2017 as a for-profit site, not affiliated with Wikipedia or its support organisation, the Wikimedia Foundation. (Source:

Besides WikiTribune, “a news wiki where volunteers write and curate articles about widely publicised news by proofreading, fact-checking, suggesting possible changes, and adding sources from other, usually long established outlets”, there is WT:Social , also known as WikiTribune Social, “an American microblogging and social networking service”, founded in October 2019 by Wikipedia cofounder Jimmy Wales.

In summary:

  • There are no connections to Wikileaks.
  • While Jimmy Wales is the founder of Wikimedia, WikiTribune and WikiTribune Social aren’t connected to Wikimedia or Wikipedia.

Furthermore, according to Wikipedia:

As of launch, WT Social runs on proprietary software …. However, as of November 7, 2019, Wales stated that he had just learnt about ActivityPub and was looking into it. Later, Wales stated that the code would be released under GPLv3 in the future.

For web analytics, it used Matomo.

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