How Microsoft tools strengthen Qwant

Qwant announced today they are partnering with Microsoft.

They did add this:

The user is not talking to Microsoft

At last, let’s talk about you, users. When you use Qwant, you will always be connected to machines that we own and operate directly. You will never be connected to Azure’s cloud machines, and your personal data is never shared with third parties. We use Azure for Qwant’s back office purposes, namely computing the index of the Web. We take this opportunity to remind you that as soon as you connect to our search engine, our servers anonymize your data, especially your IP address which is salted and hashed. That is, we add noise and a breakdown of this IP address to make it anonymous when we ask to display ads or have to store data in our logs. Only this anonymous data is being used in our internal network.

Does this move hurt their status in the privacy world?

I’m not one to take a liking to anyone who is willing to partner with a company that has enforced DRM, violates privacy with Windows 10, and overall makes mediocre products. There are other companies that would be suitable to partner with.

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