How easily change your email provider?

Hello, i’m starting to get away from google, i think i’m all good now except gmail. I have the same email adress since 15 years and a lot of accounts everywhere. Is there an easy way to change my email on these accounts? Or is it going to take a lot of time?

Thanks in advance

as far as i know you would have to do that one by one


Depends on what kinds of services you use. LinkedIn for example, is REALLY easy (you can use that via Tor btw)…

Either way, the first time is always the hardest (don’t forget old video game accounts if you care about those and have any…)

It’s sort of like changing your phone number - after the first time its sooo much easier if you ever need to again in the future.

One option is to just setup email fowarding until you are fully migrated away from your gmail, ideally to a temporary account

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It will be a long process no way around it.
I would first acquire your next domain, are you planning to subscribe to protonmail or tutonota?

First of all make a list and comb through your folders + inbox and try and find all the most crucial traffic that needs to be updated to your new address.

You will likely have to visit ton’s of sites (at least every site you linked to your gmail account to login, and or recover your password / + 2FACTOR AUTH [!] from.

What I suggest doing is when you decide to go through with this.
If you don’t already. Start using a password manager.
For ease of use and pretty good security I would personally recommend using bitwarden.

It is available for all platforms and syncs it’s content.
Index all the accounts after and during the process of changing up your e-mail for all the accounts you will do this for.
After this you will have all of the data in bitwarden.
10+ if you create 40+ character number passwords for each account while you also change up the email.
This will greatly decrease the chance of one of your accounts being hacked or simply walked into after a breach.

Keep the gmail account btw. You likely will encounter from time to time. That there was still this AND that and damn also that. Still requiring you to open up gmail once in a while.
You don’t want to get locked out.

What I wish I did when I moved form gmail towards protonmail at the very start was combining it with either

or from the get go.
This prevents companies and whomever else from discovering your real address behind the service these apps / companies provide.
Thus further protecting anonymity.

Good luck it will take a while.


thano you so much for your help.
I’m already using bitwarden but for some reasons in my browser it doesn’t save a new password or either update an existant one (i’m using brave but i tried with firefox and edge (just for testing) and it doesn’t work either). I spent 2h yesterday to try to fix this problem and i couldn’t find a solution.

Instead of alias, i was thinking about buying a domain and use it with protonmail. So if in the future for some reasons i don’t want protonmail anymore, i can switch to another email provider. I’ve read that somewhere in this forum and thought it was a good idea.

I decided to go with protonmail because it’s in Switzerland. I don’t trust european countries with my data.

Since you are using Protonmail you can setup email forwarding from your Gmail account, so that you can continue to use all of your accounts with Gmail until you eventually update them all to your new address. Unfortunately there’s no easy way to change that, some if not most services will send a confirmation email to make sure the change is legitimate so take your time.

I’m not using Bitwarden but I imagine you can take notes on each entry. Use this to write down things like previous email addresses you were using on which accounts, whether you updated the username or password, etc. This can be very useful to keep track of what accounts still need revisiting.

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I think you can actually enable using protonmail together with your own domain.
And I am glad to have helped =].
And indeed if you buy your own domain you could self-host something like anonaddy, later down the line as well.
The reason why I mentioned these services is that once it leaks amongst a couple companies that say : is the e-mail you use for all your purchases. - When a breach occurs and they occur repeatably over the years and months of our lives unfortunately.
You could get semi or targeted phising attacks at that email.
If just the one alias was confined in that breach it wouldn’t be linked to another alias forwarder you used for another site, with which you bought something else.
Thus ensuring greater privacy and security.

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