How do you pay privately?

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When you go about your daily shopping, how do you pay at the grocery store?

  • Pay with cash.
  • Pay with credit card
  • Pay with pre-paid credit card
  • Pay with debit card
  • Other

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Maybe you should change the title, it was misleading for me.
Because I wanted to immediately answer the question:
What is the most private way to pay.

and that is not how I pay most of the times.

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I always end up paying with my debit card, but it’s the dumbest option.
I’ve been in I think three different breaches, and all of them have been due to companies failing to protect their payment machines. I really need to switch to either just paying cash (Which is probably the better option) or get a credit card I can easily dispose of and just pay it off…

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Cash is king, but I’m looking to move more of my payments to prepaid credit cards.
That’s due to me wanting to move away from using services that I don’t have great trust in, which sums up many of the payments I make online (I should check which ones I can simply use wire transfer with).

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I always try to get some money from the atm before i need to buy something, this way, I always have cash in my wallet when i go to a store.


I pay cash where possible in person. Generally taking out a fair wad infrequently from an ATM inside my bank, storing it in a home safe and topping up my pocket each morning. This minimises ATM usage, selects for ATMs that are less likely to be tampered with, keeps withdrawal info to my bank alone and also provides some security in the unlikely event of disruption to banks.

Cash isn’t always an option or may be so inconvenient that I am prepared to use card, often on public transport. I am very interested in any methods you may know of for anonymous cards and accounts that can be used in person.

Online I currently use PayPal pseudo-anonymously by routing payment through a secondary PayPal account.

I’m working on moving to Monero where possible, so if anyone has recommendations for good exchanges to funnel fiat to Monero I’d appreciate that.

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For online stuff, you could try and pay with gift cards paid for with cash.


I’ve done a bit of that, but it is limited.

An anonymous purchases guide might be a good idea at some point.

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I agree, that would be great

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Credit (definitely not debit) cards are the safest financially speaking so… that’s what I go with. Definitely not the most private but what can you do? If the government wants to track how much I spend on food not much I can do about that.

I suppose cash is really the only method to pay for things anonymously, it just doesn’t strike me as super necessary in most cases. Super inconvient though.

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In person, I will pay with a debit card. If you want to be more secure on a purchase. You can go withdraw cash and get a prepaid card with that cash.

Online, I only use

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if only was available at Europe :disappointed:

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pay with cash (in shops that have no CCTV) & with Cryptocurrency


What shops have no CCTV nowadays?

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I almost always pay with cach IRL. Online, either with prepaid cards or crypto if possible. A credit card as a last resort if I can’t find the item locally and they won’t accept the other payments I’ve mentioned…
Some people say cash is a hassle, but I don’t find it anymore so than using a debit card. Plus, I seem to budget my money better with cash.


it’s really difficult. I use my debit card or cash.

It’s worth pointing out that one thing that a user shouldn’t do is use Apple Pay, Google Pay or Samsung Pay, etc. In this case, it is the tech company who gets and owns your metadata and the privacy advantages they tout, are really only that your card number is shielded from the vendor, which is privacy you only have to hand over your purchase metadata for! In most cases when using a card directly, banks will have much stronger privacy and regulatory requirements.


This is the one part of privacy where I do fail.

As others have said, cash is best but isn’t really possible online. Crypto isn’t accepted basically anywhere and many aren’t actually private. Pre-Paid cards have fees and don’t work anywhere/may be partially illegal depending on where you live if you register it with a fake name.

I also try to think of the future and I feel like pre-paid/gift card/cash isn’t always going to be here, so I want a more modern private option. And right now, not really a thing.

So I just try to minimize the places I do buy stuff from and use my credit card.


I pay with cash, which I take out at the beginning of every month.


hugs. totally the best method of payment

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I pay with cash for in-store purchases, but I use my debit card for online purchases. Its not the best, but I don’t spend that much online.

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