How do you avoid Google if you are using Android?

How do you avoid sending data to Google when using Android? Other than using an alternative OS like CalyxOS. The reason I made this thread is that most people use Android these days, so the conclusions from this thread will be useful.

You can root your phone and remove evrything google

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You really cant avoid Google if you are running a stock Android OS with a Google Play installed.

I dont even know if you can properly filter packets (like when you want to turn off MS telemetry) because data and metadata collection for advertising is Google’s business model and they are very good at it. The best app to do this is probably Netguard but this is mostly for other apps, not Google itself.

You could maybe turn off Wifi, Cellular and Bluetooth - perhaps permanently via outright removing the WiFi, Cellular and Bluetooth module inside, but that will likely negate whatever use case you may need for the device itself. Also, the phone may refuse to function without those, just because.

You can only turn off location tracking and turn up the privacy setting which doesnt really work because Google knows exactly where you are anyway, and sometimes they dont respect your setting to turn off location tracking.

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I am not a fan of rooting a phone because it is a potential hazard. If a malware knows your phone is rooted, they can hide with you outside of userland where you are more protected.

But even this is only protecting you from tracking events originating from your phone - you are still broadcasting your MAC address to via Wifi and Bluetooth. If you happen to pass by a WiFi beacon in a store/cafe and have WiFi on, they will remember that and pass it on to Google.

You are also connected to your service provider at all times. We have free daily GB worth of data caps specifically for Youtube and Facebook and there must be a way for the ISP to detect that to your phone which is also datamined.

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Thats why you have to unroot it after you remove google and wasn’t mac radommized after android 10?

Suppose I want to root my phone and remove Google apps. What kind of apps that I need to remove? Only proprietary apps or open-source apps? And how do I know if it works? What is the name of the software that I can use to monitor Android connections? Like on laptop I can use Wireshark. Is there a similar software for Android?


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I disabled/uninstalled all Google apps except Play store and Play services. Though I could use Aurora store instead, But there is no way to disable play services on un-rooted phone.

I have also disabled preview on IM apps notifications. To be honest, I don’t know how much data can Google get from those. But I noticed it’s offering me auto-reply option it content is shown, even on E2EE messengers. So that it what worries me the most.

Now I plan to get new phone and install LineageOS. And only the apps available on F-Droid or official .apk files (e.g. Signal, Wire, Vivaldi)

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In my case, I disable Google Play and block Google Play Services from connecting to wifi or mobile data. But after running Glasswire to see my connection, Google Play Services and some other apps are still connecting online. I don’t know about your phone.

You can just go to settings and press disable button

It depends on the phone model. In some models, the option to disable Google Play Services is grayed-out. But you can block it from accessing the wifi or mobile data connection.

Is there somewhere I can download the Signal app .apk file other than Play Store or APK Pure? I just want to make sure that the file is safe.

Yeah but if you disable device admin(find my phone) it can be disabled

Thank you, I’ll check

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