How can I create a Twitter or Facebook account anonymously?

I want to create an anonymous SNS account such as Twitter or Facebook. So the question is, how can I get a phone number for SMS authentication? TextPlus and NextPlus did not work. By the way, I plan to use TorBrowser to register using highly anonymous mail.

Get email address from
Get phone number from or
Get fake data from
Get fake photo from
Go to facebookcorewwwi.onion (or create your account and you all set

Now do not post any personal info about you at anyway! and just use it for work or whatever your case is but do not post any personal info

Last note: Facebook maybe close your account because it will think you are a spam (i mean c’mon you use tor everytime with facebook) so you will have that chance to get your account locked so from my point of view it not worth it!

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Thank you! I was wondering about this myself. I would add that should you choose to participate in messenger groups, you can opt to just listen in and reply via encrypted messengers (like signal and the like). You could also reply via SMS but remember that FB reads SMS contents as well plus your service provided could log that as well.

You could also get an android emulator like genymotion to further sandbox android within and emulate a custom ROM like lineage, possibly.