How can i clearly format the windows10?

I’m going to make it into the initial Windows state (Tyin amount) and now I’m going to quickly format my c drive with Windows File Explorer and overwrite it with a data erasure program when all my files are erased. But if that happens, the part where Windows is installed (such as the system folder) is already occupied, so I’m literally covering up the empty space except for those parts. But I didn’t use Windows as it was when I first installed it, but I pushed the partition itself a few times and reinstalled Windows several times. Then the partitions might be mixed up and the sensitive files I used on my old Windows are in the area where the Windows system files are now. So I’m just going to push all the partitions clean and cover them up, and then I want to reinstall Windows on top of it, but if i do that then I can’t use the erase program at all. So I want you to tell me how to do it.

As far as I know, the ishredder program comes out on USB, so I can push the partition without OS right after booting. That means I have to buy the erasure program from USB directly. It’s too hard work for me. I’m wondering if there’s another solution. Please leave a comment.

I’m not sure if this would work great, but a lot of Linux distributions offer a LiveUSB option to run the OS off of the USB , like tails… maybe you could format with one of those ?

gparted :slight_smile:

openBSD might have a liveusb option ; i still wanna try that out one day

Try DBAN or its fork (try nwipe). It is meant for securely erasing your drive.