How can I buy Bitcoin at ATM?

I want to buy Bitcoin anonymously, and I do not want to buy it with a credit card or PayPal. They are not anonymous and not secrets. I found out that the method of purchasing anonymously was ATM. I would like to manage Bitcoin etc. with Wasabi Wallet on my PC, so that’s the question. Can I buy it if I print the QR code of Wasabi Wallet on my PC and scan the QR code with ATM? If you can not do it, please tell me the other way, the way you can do from your smartphone! Please tell us the app and the web version respectively. If you can send it to Wasabi Wallet from the app and web version of the wallet!

Not sure about the second question, but about what you first said, that buying Bitcoin is not anonymous with a credit card or PayPal, I’ve heard from people that it’s also a good option to first buy the bitcoin normally, doesn’t matter if there is much privacy at all, then convert it to some other coin like Monero, and then if you want you can convert it back to Bitcoin. Not sure myself how good that works, as I’m not really into crypto, but might be an option.

If buying bitcoin with your credit card or whatever isn’t anonymous enough, for example if you want to hide the fact that you ever bought them in the first place, try
I have had luck depositing money at a bank before. Some banks wanted ID but a couple let me buy upwards of $1000 without showing any ID, just the persons info.
Then, once you get the bitcoins, if you want an added layer of anonymity (like if you didnt buy them on localbitcoins, you bought them with your credit card, or you just want to be extra sure) you put them through a tumbler. Here is a reddit link with some tumbler options.

Sorry. That link is outdated. Here’s a better one.

I dont know if these sites are affiliated or paid or what… Just search for “tumbler”

LocalBitcoins requires KYC now, so you have to hand over your ID to them. Not anonymous anymore. Other exchanges like Paxful requires no ID. Problem is Paxful cannot be used with Tor, so you need to use a trustworthy VPN and a VM just for Paxful to avoid browser fingerprinting. Otherwise Bisq is a good exchange with zero Id verification.

You can check on youtube videos of people using ATM exchanges. In short you need cash and app on your mobile phone, if you are using android I recommend Samourai wallet. Process is simple, you insert cash in ATM then wait for prompt for QR code scan, you place your phone on sensor of ATM with QR code of address you want to recieve your bitcoin and wait for atm to scan it, then it should send you your bitcoins. ATM fees depend on who is providing you that ATM

I wanted to use VPN to use, but it wasn’t.

So i checked out a local bitcoin atm. No fingerprint, no id, nothing required to purchase BTC. Fingerprint required to sell though.