History of Privacy, and resources

I want to educate someone on exactly why privacy matters, and how it’s bring used, and are data’s being taken. I’m mainly focused on history mainly USA. What I mean by history is just how the US government has abused are data. I could show them a Snowden documentary, but I feel like that doesn’t go deep enough. It’s a good amount, but it doesn’t cover just how much is going on.

Don’t know if you already looked at it but Wikipedia has some interesting pages about privacy topics :

and also on other interesting one about the “Nothing to hide” argument :

An other one about “surveillance capitalism” :

one about surveillance in general (goes into details) :

one about privacy concerns with social cra… networks (has an “history” part) :

one about what is the right to privacy and why :

internet privacy :

the one about network surveillance (what your ISP can see etc…) :

one about mass surveillance separated per country :

I know I “just” listed a bunch of Wikipedia articles and not clearly answered your question (sorry). But if you have time to read them (which you may have depending your country situation with Covid19) then you may find interesting things which would answer your question more precisely.