Hey Tor junkies - your input would be appreciated

i’m gonna post a Tor vs. VPN article on my site and i’d love to get feedback before i do - be super happy to credit anyone who offers usable info

update: the article has been posted here


tor browser is private by defualt ? not like your daily browser with VPN

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One of the most important advantages of Tor is regarding trust: you don’t have to trust any one entity like you do with a VPN.

servers are run by volunteers, some of which are very likely to be malicious

A lot of people won’t click links, so I would make sure to show somewhere that an exit node can’t see the things you do (passwords, for instance) if you are using an onion service or https. The reason I think this should be included is that a lot of people are afraid of Tor just because of things they have heard about the scary “dark web” and would therefore worry that people could easily “steal” their information.

I would also suggest adding Matt Traudt’s Blog under the Further resources for Tor. His work is really invaluable in explaining Tor in a clear way.

And this is something really, really, small but I figured you might want to know: a lot of your "i"s in the article are lowercase where they should be uppercase.

i generally agree, and i think the article conveys that (perhaps even more so now since the latest edit), however i’m being very careful to avoid saying that ‘Tor can be trusted’ as a blanket statement because technically nothing can be trusted - there have been exploits, some recent, and we don’t know what tools the intel community has, but we obviously know they have them - also it’s not just the network that is vulnerable, but also the browser


that’s just my writing style … don’t want to make it too difficult for the NSA to track me, ya know :eyes:

the article was posted here if anyone cares to comment

thanks for your feedback