Help me to have Google Analytics removed from Game Jolt

Game Jolt is a FLOSS platform for indie developers and indie gamers to upload and download free and/or paid, open and/or closed source video games.
So far I think that’s the only closed source service running on their website, and I would love to see it removed, so if you wanna help, up vote my post!

just use hosts/pihole/ubo ? but sure i will vote :slight_smile:

-.- Dude, it’s not about being able to block Google or not, I used FF hardened which is almost unusable, I know I can block it. It’s about replacing closed source software with open source one, and about taking space out for Google to apply its hegemony in the tech industry. If a website (where you can block scripts) removes Google dependencies, they are more prone to not use Google products in, let’s say, their mobile application, where one can’t block stuff.

thats why i voted