Help configurating Fennec

I have noticed that all of the respective versions of Mozilla’s browsers for smartphones are pretty different in how they work compared to the desktop versions. The commands on about:config are not the same, and since there isn’t much customization on the normal settings maybe someone could provide me with a link or some instructions on how to apply some changes so that it can work more privately (if it’s possible at all).

I’ve turned off the “show search suggestions” but it keeps recommending me websites while I’m writing on the search bar, there’s no way to activate a complete private mode and maybe there’s something else that I’m missing related to WebRTC leak or something like that, which I don’t know how to configure.

I hope someone could help me, thanks!

Try installing UBO for Firefox for Android. It allows you to block IP leaks from webRTC.

AFAIK, when you open a private tab, you only get suggestions from non-private browsing. I almost certain that if you enter a “new” site via a private tab, that site is not added to your history and it’s not recommended.

media.peerconnection.enabled is present in about:config and works well. all addons i use on desktop also works on fennec, except containers and temporary containers. also its possible to open private tab if thats what u are looking for, in the three dot menu in top right corner.

I use uBO, uM, Smart HTTPS, Cookie AutoDelete, Decentraleyes and Trace on Fennec.

That shouldn’t be the case, if I turn off search suggestions I shouldn’t get ANY suggestion at all, as it happens on the desktop version, and the suggestions I get aren’t related to my searches, they are just popular websites that match the letters you are typing.

I know all add-ons that work on desktop work on mobile. What I want to know is if there is a way to turn on “Always browse on private mode”.