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Hello, all. Dan here.

Probably like many here, I saw the Great Hack a couple years ago. I soon after donned my tin foil hat and proceeded to remove all the googly and facebooky stuff from my life while leaving friends and family scratching their heads… and I’m loving it.

I ditched Mark, Bill, Sundar, and all their band of merry gazillionaires for the likes of Stallman, Gabriel, and Gargron. Even though I’ve managed to learn how to flash ROMs and use some Bash CLI tools somewhat decently, I’m still a noob and am looking for some smart folks to chat with and get tips.

So, me… middle aged, couple kids, pretty boring, probably not what I would expect at a place like this (which I assume to probably be young and hip?). I guess since I can’t afford a new firebird, this can be my mid life crisis activity.

Anyway. Thanks for reading. After I search the threads a little more, I’ll see if I can come up with something new to talk about.



Welcome Dan!


Hello Dan. Not a lot of people take the time to introduce themselves thank you for that, it brings more humanity to my flat screen :slight_smile:

Hope you’ll find what you are looking for and you’ll learn what you didn’t know you needed.

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Great intro, especially the firebird moment :smile:

Young and especially hip ones are much less concerned about privacy, because their life is intertwined with social networks from the early days. Considering that humanity, having gained the ability to communicate at the speed of light with any inhabitant of the Earth, is moving towards a super-society, like collective insects, the concept of privacy itself will die out along with people born in the pre-internet era.

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Your recent posts seems a bit grim and edgy. I can still see you are on the “anger” phase of privacy grief. Give it time. I feel like with people getting on Signal, we could be bouncing back from this waking nightmare. Just keep on preaching the benefits of privacy to our normie friends.

Spread hope.


But dosn’t old people use services as the way it is? Like Using chome just because it’s a default browser on android or using IE because they used them in the past

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Surveys show that awareness and suspicion grow with age:

Adults ages 18 to 29 are more likely than those 65 and older to say it is acceptable for makers of fitness tracking apps to share data with medical researchers to better understand the link between exercise and heart disease (52% vs. 35%) or for social media companies to monitor user posts for signs of depression so they can identify people at risk of self-harm and connect them to counseling services (42% vs. 18%).
In addition, two-thirds of adults ages 65 and older say they follow privacy news at least somewhat closely, compared with just 45% of those 18 to 29 who do the same.
Those over age 50 are also more likely to think their data is less secure, compared with those ages 18 to 49.
Younger adults are generally more comfortable with these uses of their private data, while older adults are less comfortable.

Boomers (79% to 84% over the three boomer age groups) were more likely than any other group (53% to 75%) to respond that they were extremely unlikely to give away personal information such as their birth date, real-world address or social security number on a social media profile.


Wow nerver expected this result i guess it’s different by country

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My friends called me an old man today. Because I’m not keen on the socials.

I’m in my 30s.

They, at least, have an impression that age is somehow connected.

In a panel discussion about surveillance, an instructor/professor talked about how their students (mostly late teens and early 20s, I’ll assume) had a significant shift in attitudes to tracking after they started taking part in protests.

I’d suggest that age could be a proxy, for experience. Once experience is had, be it through documentaries or civil disobedience or some other way, attitudes can change.

people who tend to think for themselves sometimes tend to stand out from the crowd :slight_smile:

facial recognition research programs; checkmark.

you never really know exactly what the future has in store for humanity BUT… if they ever decided to use AI to analyze your typing to predict future crime , or like make it a bannable offence to disagree with an AI program taking the place of a president or prime minister or chancellor or whatever,

then they will prob wish they never joined social media heheheh

maybe everyone will be banned for petty things like avocating that politicians make it so every friday everyone gets free icecream and such. oooooh i know - thats extremist !!! being a little troublemaker over heerrrreeee lels

actually if i voted, my vote would go to the PrivacyLand Party if there was one. OOooooOOooO imagine the backlash from those large tech corporations ! PrivacyLand :smiley: The funniest part is I doubt the majority of any country would vote PrivacyLand Party hahahahaa…humanity is soo doomed hehehehehe. They would have to try winning over public opinion hehe ; theyd have to offer free ice cream on fri to win ppl over lols. "Vote PrivacyLand for free ice cream every damn Friday ! " :wink: