Hello everyone nice to meet you all

I’m an avid frequenter of privacytools on reddit so I’m basically just landing by parachute here… I don’t have the most extreme privacy setup but I work hard to harden it. Soo, hi there.


greetings, nice to meet you too!

Nice to meet you @Root. I’m eager to help with your setup. If you want to discuss it just create a post and @ me.

The key thing about setups is not doing it all at once. If that happens you might become a privacy nihilist and that defeats the purpose.

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Hi, nice meet you, too

hello welcome to our forum! we hope you have a nice time :D.
feel free to ask anything you would on the reddit page, and also maybe to contribute content by uploading privacy related news (if you want)!

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it looks like the forum is starting to populate.

Yh, and remember, activity draws users, so when you see something on the forum you like or find interesting, be sure to comment, even when its a “oh, that was an interesting read” type of comment. You will help the forum grow, and then we can truely leave Reddit.


Better to just LIKE a post than be verbose in your reaction…

  • I promise this will be my last verbose reaction :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: