Has anyone tested nothingprivate.ml?

This website uses client.js to track browser fingerprint. It’s an awesome service to force you to use Tor I think :joy: . On my hardened Firefox it works beautifully, showing what I put as my identity. As for Tor, I cannot be sure if it’s true for all Tor users. Can you please comment if all of you have the same identity from Tor? Then I can be sure of it.

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I just tested it now. Pretty interesting, although I already knew that “incognito mode” wasn’t really that private (especially to someone like your employer).

As far as using it with Tor, it seems like it doesn’t work properly unless you whitelist the site on NoScript (which comes standard with the Tor Browser and can also be installed on Firefox). This is the case with a lot of similar sites that test your device fingerprint/user agent. What plugins do you use on your “hardened” Firefox? Do those make any difference?

I think it does make a difference. I use uBlock origin, HTTPS everywhere, cookieautodelete, decentraleyes and NoScript in all aloowed mode just to prevent XSS attack.

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What identity do you see when you visit the site with Tor?

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It showed my Tor IP address, if I remember correctly (the exit node).

I meant the name. "You are ‘some_name’ ". What was yours?

OK, yes it still says “You are ‘_’,” even if you use Tor. I put “Chris,” and it said, “You are Chris.” Interesting!

I was thinking of WTF is my IP?!?!?!, which shows the name of your exit node if you’re using Tor.

It doesn’t work on me, it’s a good sign, no?

DId you click “Forget me” and then opened a new tab? Then it won’t work. You are not supposed to click it if you want to test it

DId you click “Forget me” and then opened a new tab?