Green hosting and privacytools

Hey guys.

So i recently got an email from my dutch privacytools website and this is what she wrote:


My name is Fabiola, and I’m a long-time volunteer for environmental causes. (sorry for writing in English, it’s easier for me to read Dutch than write it).

Lately, we’ve managed to publish a post talking on the benefits of hosting websites on green hosting services (surprisingly, not many people are aware of that option).

I wanted to ask if you can share this post with your users and help protect the environment.

There are several well-respected companies there for any environmental enthusiastic to choose from.

I assume you can link to it from here:
or from wherever you see fit.

I greatly appreciate your assistance,


I need your guys thoughts on this.


Maybe, this should be added to as any other recommendation.

Besides, it looks like one of these marketing e-mails that we also frequently get. “Hi, I’m XYZ. Your blog post about ABC is really cool. Did you hear about this cool service? Please add it!”

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That is kind of what i thought… that’s why i wanna talk about it with you guys first. Having second opinions on it

sounds like an ad but i think it’s actually good one? if it will teaches me more about stuff then why not

It is quite ad like…in its feel(they succeeded in grtting one more click :slight_smile: ). But I would like to take this opportunity to suggest that seems somewhat inadequate. Privacy tools uses netlify but does not recommend it?