Graphite Docs

Is Graphite Docs a trustable and privacy fiendly alternative to gsuite?

so you need it to make your other friends can edit file too ? alright what about

and if you not trust them you can encrypt text before paste it there and ur friend do same too

That is definitely a good option, but I would very much prefer an e2ee by default encrypted service hehe.

I made account to check this and I don’t like it. There is no user settings panel. I have no idea how much space have I used (left), I can not change my password, etc.

And after I logged out, I can not log in :expressionless:

OnlyOffice Desktop has E2EE (in beta phase, using blockchain), but I don’t know if it is possible to have collaborative work/editing in such documents

I did the same and experienced the same annoyances as you, seems like they have problems xS