GrapheneOS Compatible With Wired, Signal, Wickr?

I need to verify these apps and LinPhone can be easily installed on GrapheneOS without Google Play Services. Deciding between iOS and Graphene. Thanks of the help.

I can not confirm, but you should be able to install any .apk file. I know Signal and Wire offer those on their websites, but I’m not sure for Wickr. Though you can use Aurora store for that one.

How they will work without google play services and microg, I don’t know. Wire should be ok, probably with delayed notifications (which is same as regular GP installation with FCM :d ). Not sure about other two

You can install F-Droid, or any apk on Graphene, just dont expect it to work if said apk file uses Google framework to be functional.

Signal has a downloadable apk file in the site
Wire has a downloadable apk in its site
i am unsure if Wickr has an apk file as it pushes me to go through the google play store on my lineage phone.

If Apple has shenanigans, it is very much opaque to us. Better go with Graphene if you have device capable to run it.

Alternatively, go fo Lineage OS or maybe try to tinker with a Linux phone (Pinephone) they say they have anbox(?) that can run/emulate an android environment.

I can report that Signal works flawlessly with Graphene OS. I do not use Wickr/Wire

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Signal is within F-Droid and has a downloadable apk file in the site

Signal is not officially available through F-Droid. You could probably get it by adding a 3rd party repository, but I wouldn’t trust anything unless it’s directly from (which you can verify the signing certificate) or via the official F-Droid repo.

Sorry. You are right. Somehow I thought Signal was finally incorporated into F-Droid. I did recheck just now. Edited my previous post to reflect this.

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Im use Lineage os without gapps and download Signal apk from their site, notifications and everything else works perfectly.

I gave this as an example, it should be the same on the GrapheneOS.

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